About Me

Welcome to my page! My name is Andrew Alexander, and I’m  Person-Centred Therapeutic Counsellor Registered with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).  I  also have 80-hour online/telephone counselling qualification.

If you’re reading this, you, a family member, or someone you know may be facing some difficult times or there may be some issues and areas in your life you wish to change. Reaching out for counselling takes a lot of strength. These are the first steps, by empowering yourself to do this, you give yourself the potential to make a difference.

Please feel free to look around my website. All the relevant information you require and what you need to know about counselling is on my web page. If you’re interested in counselling and would like to explore this further or have any unanswered questions, please feel free to email, phone or text me.

Qualifications/Training Relevant to Counselling and Working with children and young People:

​BA Honours in Psychology and Sociology

Introduction to Transactional analysis with The Berne Institute

​BACP Certificate of Proficiency

​(Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre Awarding Body) Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

​CPCAB Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies

CPCAB Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Children and Young People

CPCAB Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills

Certificate in Online and Telephone Counselling

​​Completed NVQ Level 5 in Leadership and management Working with Children and Young people.

Certified NVQ Level 4 in Health and Social Care

Certified NVQ Level 4 in Registered Managers Award for Adults

Certified NVQ Level 3 in Looking after Young Children

Safeguarding/Child Protection

Keeping children safe online (NSPCC)

Equality and Diversity

Seminar with Missing Persons Unit and RISE

Attachment: Knowledge and practice with CAMHS -

Child Sexual Exploitation,

Flashbacks and Mental Capacity Act

PTSD and Bulimia

Deprivation of Liberty training

Self-harm with young people

Forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning

Trauma informed responses

Mentalisation in Self Harm in Adolescence, UCL conference with Peter Fonagy

Child protection

CORC training, British Red Cross

Boundaries and Structure & Attachment Theory

Oliver McGowan training on Learning Disability and Autism


Growing up in the 1970s & 80’s was positive learning experience. My parents came from two different cultures and religions, which meant I was exposed to different values and beliefs from an early age. It was challenging at times navigating between my parent’s power play and their expectations for me to follow their individual cultures and religions.  I learned to question things and make my own choices. This helped me become my own person valuing equality and diversity. This taught me to value everyone’s views as they are so different, and helped me be non-judgemental, and respectful. My family tried to guide me as best they could, but ultimately it was up to me to find my own path. Being different was good because it allowed me to explore and understand the world around me in a deeper way.

My Experience

I've been working in residential care for over 25 years. I have always felt  my best self was working as a frontline carer as part of a team that provides high-quality living standards for young people in care aged 11 to 25. I have supported young adults with various challenges such as mental health difficulties, dual diagnosis, emotional and behavioural difficulties, and learning difficulties.

My passion for helping children and young adults develop their abilities and confidence inspired me to pursue further training.  In the past 5 years I have  become a Person-Centred Counsellor as I feel I want to do more for anyone who wants a Counsellor. Since April 2021, I've been on placement as a Trainee Counsellor for the Child Adolescent Bereavement Counselling Service for NHS.  I continue to volunteer because I value what the service provides and believe in it. The service  offers individual and group bereavement counselling to children and adolescents in the Northampton area, in a school setting or at the NHS’s children’s out-patients department. I am proud to be part of this service.

I have been checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service and hold an enhanced DBS certificate for working with children and vulnerable adults. I am also covered by full professional indemnity insurance and comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.